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BIOS and Firmware Update for ThinkSystem RAID 530-x Adapters
        Supported Adapters:  
        	ThinkSystem RAID 530-8i PCIe 12Gb Adapter
        	ThinkSystem RAID 530-8i Dense Adapter
        	ThinkSystem RAID 530-4i Flex Adapter
        NOTE TO SERVICE - Reference RETAIN #N/A
        Version 50.5.0-1678 - Moderate Impact/Low Probability of Occurrence
        	UEFI Driver: 0x07050404
        	iMR FW: 5.050.01-1638
            package 50.5.0-1678
        Defects (13)
        - Fix compilation error in MR Pvt Api.(SCGCQ01619783)
        - NVRAM: MR7.6 Vmware6.5 - Incorrect fatal error EVT after PassThrough enabled followed by Guest OS power on.(SCGCQ01600125)
        - Nvram changes to Control Parallel Drive FW update via NVRAM variable for OEM - (SCGCQ01605609 CSET).(SCGCQ01617051)
        - Patrol read restarts on PDs after completion on reboot.(SCGCQ01718200)
        - When patrol read completed with Talladega 9460-8i and MR7.5 components, the customer saw Patrol read complete events were log.(SCGCQ01732235)
        - Change the reserve field in structure mode param to follow spc4 spec.(SCGCQ01816426)
        - dirty led not set on in case of supercap not present even though dirty cache is present.(SCGCQ01825031)
        - 9440-8i / 9460-16i cards BCA_S LED state doesn't match with BCA-S LED Behavior Rule..(SCGCQ01832279)
        - [iMR7.5][Bristol] Amber LED doesn't turn on with PD offline.(SCGCQ01767172)
        - HDDs spin up failed during boot time and then cause ac cycle failed after around 70 power cycles.(SCGCQ01813023)
        - Legacy BIOS Prints "This firmware is a TEST version".(SCGCQ01825992)
        - CIT-Lenovo: Same EID assigned to 2 930-8i controllers.(SCGCQ01830180)
        - CIT-: Same EID assigned to 2 530-8i controllers.(SCGCQ01883096)
        - Make new copy of NVRAM for use with Aero.(SCGCQ01614114 port of SCGCQ01526096)
        - Smart Return Status passthru command failed on SATA drives.(SCGCQ01802574 port of SCGCQ01802574)
        - MR FW return only compatible profiles.(SCGCQ01809003 port of SCGCQ01789037)
        - FW is not blocking switching to an unsupported profile.(SCGCQ01809222 port of SCGCQ01698176)
        - HII allows setting controller personality through Manage Controller Profile menu.(SCGCQ01809004 port of SCGCQ01685583)
        - HII reports "The requested command has invalid arguments" when attempting to change controller personality.(SCGCQ01813388 port of SCGCQ01715394)
        - [UNMAP]: VMWARE 6.5 U1 requires VPD Page B1 support for UNMAP feature.(SCGCQ01816730 port of SCGCQ01563349)
        - Set ldRestriction appropriately in MFCD parameters and persistent config pages.(SCGCQ01864195 port of SCGCQ01487406)
        - [Bristrol] [MR7.4] "Previous Configuration missing" occurs during reboot test with CC running.(SCGCQ01765212 port of SCGCQ01697887)
        - Increase the recon BB list entries to align with BBM MAX BAD entries.(SCGCQ01851104 port of SCGCQ01623254)
        - 530-8i- Windows 2016 Dataceneter BSOD.(SCGCQ01880814 port of SCGCQ01830392)
        - HDDs spin up failed during boot time and then cause ac cycle failed after around 70 power cycles.(SCGCQ01827311 port of SCGCQ01813023)
        - BMC emulator does not load storelibTest.(SCGCQ01849642 port of SCGCQ01762267)
        - The SUT can’t boot to OS after 159 loops AC cycle and check the Raid 930-16i 8G.(SCGCQ01788547 port of SCGCQ01788479)
        EnhancementRequests (21)
        - Added Timeout values to Target Device Properties.(SCGCQ01519777)
        - Add build flags for Aero ROC.(SCGCQ01608149)
        - Add a new parameter in MR Configuration Parameter Page 0 (NVDATA) to enable/disable parallel PD FW update feature.(SCGCQ01605140)
        - Add a new parameter in MR Configuration Parameter Page 0 (NVDATA) to enable/disable mix of Enterprise & Opal SED drives.(SCGCQ01596518)
        - Make new copy of NVRAM for use with Aero..(SCGCQ01526096)
        - Adding ALADIN section to NVRAM struct..(SCGCQ01567124)
        - Added field MR_LD_RAID.flags.isEPD.(SCGCQ01581732)
        - nvram changes for Snapdump.(SCGCQ01595634)
        - Add back section for ALADIN to NVRAM struct.()SCGCQ01605166
        - NVDATA parameter to OPAL SED.(SCGCQ01614695)
        - Add supportEPDWithAutoConfigOff bit in NVRAM Auto config parameters.(SCGCQ01739489)
        - Exposing Write cache as disabled to host for a performance improvement.(SCGCQ01845298)
        - PVT API changes needed to support eHBA product series.(SCGCQ01727349)
        - PVT_API changes to support Manufacturing SAS PHY test.(SCGCQ01587381)
        - Add Aero EEPROM tag.(SCGCQ01574988)
        - Preboot OCR- NVRAM changes to limit the number of reset retries to 1 per boot cycle.(SCGCQ01620774)
        - Reduce bootup time by 15-20 seconds.(SCGCQ01735563)
        - Do ONFI init only for the valid channels and banks.(SCGCQ01760560)
        - Add a new bit for Driver/FW communication in the RAID map.(SCGCQ01713674)
        - Add DismStartDelayInSeconds in NVDATA.(SCGCQ01758168)
        - The SUT can’t boot to OS after 159 loops AC cycle and check the Raid 930-16i 8G.(SCGCQ01788479)
        Version 50.5.0-1510-1 - Moderate Impact/Low Probability of Occurrence
        	UEFI Driver: 0x07050401
        	iMR FW:  5.050.01-1526
        	package 50.5.0-1510
        Description Of Defect:
        –Under heavy access of flash (ex: FW upgrade/downgrade) MegaRAID controller hangs.
        –The issue is seen with controller having ISSI Flash part and in the following test case –
        –While running 17b (7.2.1)/18a (MR7.3) FW, Upgrade/downgrade to any FW (ROPs), controller hangs.
        The reproduction rate is low and intermittent.
        - (IOP-Only.(SCGCQ00138036 ) 
         - Write Cache enable to be done after we are done with all in memory things(SCGCQ00138178) 
         - Thunderbolt hangs at diag reset but works fine at reboot	(SCGCQ00140379) 
         - Fix unused variable(SCGCQ00140591) 
         - Change hardcoded fault code to a properly defined code.(SCGCQ00141606) 
         - Degraded Physical Disk coming as optimal when a diag reset is issued on a pending resync raid10 volume in Linux(SCGCQ00141891) 
         - x5891 Fault After OPEN Timeout(SCGCQ00145434) 
         - FPGA: Gen3 TaskMgmt: 0x265D Fault When Processing Multiple TARGET RESET TMs(SCGCQ00145645) 
         - Correction to Diagnostic Code to Show PL Memory Details(SCGCQ00145990) 
         - FPGA: Gen3 TaskMgmt: 0x5110 Fault on Overlapped TARGET RESETs to SATA devices(SCGCQ00146626) 
         - Fault 265D occurs when running IOs to volume which has 1 drive connected via cable breaker & 1 direct attached,to HBA.(SCGCQ00147098) 
         - FPGA: Timers executing too quickly(SCGCQ00147270) 
         - Fast Path started, Firmware completed IO not working. Host sees 0x00 value in reply descriptor SMID(SCGCQ00148012) 
         - Kantana RAID accelerator base effective address conflicts with cached context memory address	(SCGCQ00149244) 
         - Update rmtflash Perl script debugger breakpoint address(SCGCQ00155189) 
         - Constant/register form of MoveToDCR assembly language macro incorrect( SCGCQ00155799 ) 
         - Fault 0x0612 when performing a Message Unit Reset( SCGCQ00156372 ) 
         - FPGA: FPGA stops repsonding after Diag reset	( SCGCQ00158578 ) 
         - MPI firmware download command never completes( SCGCQ00160359 ) 
         - After downloading FW with SAS FLASH, controller hangs( SCGCQ00162026 ) 
         - Fault 265D occurs when an Inquiry for VPD Page 0x80 is issued to an IR Volume(SCGCQ00163833 ) 
         - FPE fault D094( SCGCQ00167842 ) 
         - Changes to preamble finder and gate training algorithms( SCGCQ00168441 ) 
         - Fpe exception queue interrupt handling does not update queue if an entry is invalid( SCGCQ00168593 ) 
         - PL is faulting with fault code 0xd075 when an IO times out( SCGCQ00170147 ) 
         - Problems running Cobra DDR3 library on Palladium	( SCGCQ00173068 ) 
         - Fault D091 with Destructive Domain Validation Test.( SCGCQ00173093 ) 
         - ReadBuf Command hangs( SCGCQ00174555 ) 
         - Host boot will fails	( SCGCQ00175662 ) 
         - FPGA: IOs fail during Target Mode SSP TM tests( SCGCQ00177626 ) 
         - D110 fault while doing Block Move test( SCGCQ00181603 ) 
         - Fault 670A with Block Move Test and Powercycling Enclosures( SCGCQ00181751 ) 
         - Internal Customer has integration issues with trial release of DDR3 library( SCGCQ00182818 ) 
         - MPI2: IO Unit Page 10 structure incorrect( SCGCQ00183867 ) 
         - SBR byte names don't match Invader EDS or address macros	( SCGCQ00184890 ) 
         - Phy power code is using the wrong mask( SCGCQ00186364 ) 
         - Changed data type returned by getDataScrubDuration(( SCGCQ00187141 ) 
         - Occasionally RMTFLASH can be difficult to make work correctly( SCGCQ00187266 ) 
         - Create workaround for [invader]932( SCGCQ00187388 ) 
         - Fault 0x2663 while running Task Management and IOs( SCGCQ00187408 ) 
         - TBM Recursive Fault( SCGCQ00187763 ) 
         - Controller faults with code 6003 while running task management tests	( SCGCQ00187962 ) 
         - Host booting firmware does not load firmware	( SCGCQ00188336 ) 
         - Core reset causes high latency in Ethernet( SCGCQ00188834 ) 
         - FPGA build would hang on boot/startup( SCGCQ00188929 ) 
         - Fixes to enable Ethernet in mainline builds	( SCGCQ00189763 ) 
         - Modified ring and trace buffer dump to display the data when called from an active console( SCGCQ00189799 ) 
         - Bad output from CLI command iop show mreq( SCGCQ00190178 ) 
         - Gen3: A Jammer script sends too much data for a Read command which results in SysDmaParity fault.( SCGCQ00190412 ) 
         - Fault 0x1901 when firmware errors out IOs with Invalid Descriptor( SCGCQ00190906 ) 
         - Gen3 PwrMgmt: Update shared global Pwr Mgmt structures.( SCGCQ00192501 ) 
         - Misplaced pre-processor directive in pbam.h causes big endian compiles to fail( SCGCQ00192631 ) 
         - Syntax error in pbam.h - missing semicolon in structure definition( SCGCQ00192913 ) 
         - 2nd set of changes to DDR3 library from lab validation( SCGCQ00193153 ) 
         - The fast path status of drives used for volume spares or hot replacement retain Fast Path state of Enabled.( SCGCQ00193388 ) 
         - Firmware repeatedly sending a event whenever it get a spinup notify causes target mode initialization to stall( SCGCQ00194444 ) 
         - FPE Status values passed to iopiFPEHandleException( SCGCQ00194558 ) 
         - Ethernet: Ethernet Page 0 addresses reported in the wrong endian	( SCGCQ00194888 ) 
         - Gen3 PwrMgmt: Unexpected event is sent when changing Direct Attached HDD Pwr states.	( SCGCQ00194919 ) 
         - IO Timeouts/0x6001 fault during SATA TM Read Mayhem test	( SCGCQ00195557 ) 
         - Fault 0x060F when sending very heavy IO load	( SCGCQ00198466 ) 
         - BIST firmware not accurately performing or reporting BIST status	( SCGCQ00200151 ) 
         - Invader A0: D072 Fault during stress and whole port glitches	( SCGCQ00200261 ) 
         - Invader A0: 5893 Fault when the whole port (between enclosures( SCGCQ00200645 ) 
         - Fault 0x0A03 or 0x1609 seen under various circumstances( SCGCQ00202530 ) 
         - UART doesn't display authentication prompt when expected	( SCGCQ00202951 ) 
         - Unable to DMA the debug string token	( SCGCQ00203007 ) 
         - IO timeout to SATA target behind expander.( SCGCQ00203063 ) 
         - Invader A0 - Script '' doesnt prints firmware logs when a hostname with fully qualified domain name is given for 'clientName' argument( SCGCQ00203291 ) 
         - Gen3: PM - Global Power Management TAKE/RELEASE CONTROL requests never complete.	( SCGCQ00203509 ) 
         - Resync happens when RAID1E vol(After clean shutdown( SCGCQ00206367 ) 
         - The DefaultMetadataSize field in IocPage6 is now populated with the number of MBs and not the number of sectors.( SCGCQ00206785 ) 
         - Invader A0: IOUnit Page 7 showing a PCIeSpeed of 2.5G when running at 8.0G.( SCGCQ00207545 ) 
         - Gen3: PwrMgmt initialization may cause a 265D fault at start of day.	( SCGCQ00207646 ) 
         - Invader A0 : Incorrect data from Log Page 0 on second read.	( SCGCQ00207682 ) 
         - The fast path state for newly discovered SATA drives was being set incorrectly.( SCGCQ00209162 ) 
         - FPGA-only: Zero initialized TCM data area not getting cleared( SCGCQ00209959 ) 
         - .10 firmware faults on boot with a 0x0012 fault code	( SCGCQ00209969 ) 
         - Invader A0: All devices go missing when the link between the first two expanders is broken( SCGCQ00210025 ) 
         - 8-port Fury controller has incorrect PCI Device Id( SCGCQ00210028 ) 
         - Fault 9019, during DDR3 initialization, with dual rank support enabled.( SCGCQ00210290 ) 
         - DDR3 Library fault 0x9019 observed when ECC enabled on 32bit width memory( SCGCQ00210687 ) 
         - DDR3 Library Faultcode 0x9019 observed on some boards( SCGCQ00215958 ) 
         - PPC476 L2 store re-ordering with address match collision can cause data corruption( SCGCQ00218038 ) 
         - Failures connecting to SATA drives or expander attached disks( SCGCQ00218117 ) 
         - Intermittent Read Leveling Failure( SCGCQ00221265 ) 
         -( SCGCQ00221570 ) 
         - Invader A0 (USB( SCGCQ00222099 ) 
         - Invader A0: Controller hangs when releasing snapshot buffer( SCGCQ00222775 ) 
         - Fault 0x265D seen when performing Message Unit Reset with posted diagnostic buffer.( SCGCQ00222847 ) 
         - Invader A0: 0x1808 fault when flashing firmware with DDR enabled	( SCGCQ00223684 ) 
         - Fault 5845 seen when running IO with cable glitching	( SCGCQ00224215 ) 
         - Invader A0: 0x2622 Fault seen during initialization in Romley (PCIE3.0 system( SCGCQ00224800 ) 
         - Firmware displayed wrong version number( SCGCQ00225971 ) 
         - Invader A0 IR firmware fault with the error code 8316( SCGCQ00227202 ) 
         - Invader B0: Local Chain hardware incorrectly configured( SCGCQ00227842 ) 
         - Invader A0: Fault x5842 with running Block Move and Task Management Test (SCGCQ00227896 ) 
         - Fault x5900 seen running heavy IO with discovery	( SCGCQ00228216 ) 
         - Changed MfgPage10 bit IOC_MFG10_GF0_CONSISTENCY_CHECKING_DISABLED definition.( SCGCQ00228747 ) 
         - Read leveling error interrupt is observed after DDR initialization( SCGCQ00228826 ) 
         - R10/R1E volume Resync is not happening after activating a foreign volume with UNCLEAN shutdown (w/_CC_DISABLED	( SCGCQ00229652 ) 
         - Fault 0x5842 occurs when cable break/glitching done running IO( SCGCQ00232016 ) 
         - Machine Check Interrupts prevent firmware from loading( SCGCQ00237604 ) 
         - SAS3: 0x265D Fault while disabling Fast Path.( SCGCQ00238050 ) 
         - Romley system hangs during POST with two Invader HBAs installed( SCGCQ00238686 ) 
         - DIS(Data Integrity Signature	( SCGCQ00239359 ) 
         - IO timeouts while running stress loads on a mix of SAS and SATA drives( SCGCQ00239369 ) 
         - Restored memcfg.c( SCGCQ00239519 ) 
         - CSET 235613 includes unexpected changes( SCGCQ00242171 ) 
         - Large IO size to mixed SAS/SATA causing errors( SCGCQ00242618 ) 
         - PL Fault 0x670C( SCGCQ00243099 ) 
         - ONFI: Remove unrelated defines( SCGCQ00245410 ) 
         - Failing a drive in RAID1 volume having write caching enabled resulted in dereference of a NULL pointer.( SCGCQ00245750 ) 
         - DDR3 Training fails at 1866 MTS due to preamble not found on some lanes( SCGCQ00245842 ) 
         - MSIX Table Size field in Config Space doesn't match supported value( SCGCQ00247483 ) 
         - ONFI: Bug in the onfiiFlashContReset function( SCGCQ00247604 ) 
         - Discovery error x90 while running IOs on a mix of SAS and SATA drives.( SCGCQ00249597 ) 
         - ONFI: DMA state of the controller not updated properly( SCGCQ00250932 ) 
         - ONFI: Update the diag command to reflect the change in ONFI interface function( SCGCQ00252023 ) 
         - Moved files that called MoveFromDCR back to IopCommon.h	( SCGCQ00257836 ) 
         - Fault 0x58B4 when trying to run on a 4port controller( SCGCQ00258518 ) 
         - NVData Schema: Update schema for 4-phy devices to contain the correct number of phys	( SCGCQ00258713 ) 
         - NVData: Incorrect NVData image used in A0 parts	( SCGCQ00259169 ) 
         - Code analysis tool defects resolution	( SCGCQ00263862 ) 
         - (IOP	( SCGCQ00270313 ) 
         - DDR3 library fails to train second rank of dual rank memory successfully( SCGCQ00271260 ) 
         - IOP Interrupt causes 0x0D03 fault in B0 chips( SCGCQ00277833 ) 
         - IOP Ethernet Phy driver sends link down event when the link is not down( SCGCQ00279273 ) 
         - Invader B0: 6003 fault while running SSP_INIT_Normal_List group of jammer scripts( SCGCQ00280742 ) 
         - PI Errors on Remove and Insert of Volume Member( SCGCQ00282383 ) 
         - Print function may access an out-of-bound array element( SCGCQ00282902 ) 
         - Training fails on second rank, with certain memory and speeds( SCGCQ00284177 ) 
         - ONFI flash controller interrupts should not be communicated to MPIC( SCGCQ00284520 ) 
         - Fixed source level debugging using GHS probe.( SCGCQ00286179 ) 
         - Fault d075 - Frameownership issu